EXO Making History: When It All Started
110322: The name M1 was known through a video that was leaked on allkpop.com
111221: EXO releases 1st Teaser 'My Lady' starring Kai and D.O.'s 'choco-laté' voice.
111222: EXO has their first official article on allkpop.com
111227: SMTOWN releases 1st teaser revealing member Tao
111229: EXO makes their debut on SBS Gayo Dajun as Kai, Tao, Lu Han, and Chen appear on the stage
120111: The couple HunHan has their 1st teaser together
120114: EXO celebrates first birthday ever since releasing teaser for member Kai
120119: The first video for 'W Live 1 S.M. Fashionistas' featuring EXO members Kai, Se Hun, and Lu Han was uploaded to the SM Channel.
120116: Lay released his first dance teaser
120120: EXO's wikipedia page is finally created
120124: fyeahexomacros posts their first tumblr macro
120129: EXO released first prologue 'What Is Love' and receives over 500,000 views in 1 week
120206: A video of Baekhyun covering CNBLUE's 'Love Light' is released on youtube
120221: Baekhyun, Chen, and Lay have their own teaser together
120222: Member Chanyeol uploads his first teaser
120228: The teaser for the number 1 most requested song 'Baby Don't Cry' is released
120308: EXO releases 2nd prologue 'History' which receives over 1,000,000 views in 1 week
120315: EXO M & EXO K upload dance practices of prologue History
120406: SMTOWN uploads EXO's Showcase Part 1 in English
120407: EXO releases MV for debut song MAMA which receives over 1,000,000 in almost 3 days
120408: EXO M has their debut stage with MAMA on The 12th Mengniu Music Chart Awards Ceremony
120409: MAMA album is released as pre-orders are shipped. Later EXO goes on to sell over 100,000 copies
120412: EXO K Debuts on Mnet's M!Countdown with MAMA
120428: EXO K's Baekhyun gets frightened at Incheon Fansign due to some fan wearing a creepy Chanyeol mask
120430: Girls Generation Taetiseo releases MV 'Twinkle' feat EXO members Kai, Se Hun, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun
120520: EXO members go to Disneyland in California, brings back their inner child
120605: Run & Gun girl impresses EXO members at Genie Exhibition
120613: EXO M has an interview on iFeng
120624: EXO K goes to London for a concert with 4minute and Narazo
120721: EXO as one goes on show Happy Camp in China
120726: EXO releases video announced SM.ART exhibition
120810: EXO releases phone taken footage of themselves singing karaoke acting like dorks @ SM.ART exhibition
120813: EXO's rumored comeback date, but unfortunately was false
120828: EXO M releases behind the scene video for Ceci Magazine, which kills many fangirls
120917: EXO M wins first award for Most Popular Group of the Year & Best Rookie of the Year @ Mengniu Music Chart Awards as well as EXO as one winning an award for 'Best Dressed'
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